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You searching for the passwords? you are at the right place ! This is very difficult to get the passwords for the personnal albums of each members, you need to have a great album and ask for P4P, some will not be intersted and you will never have the pass...

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This list is on XLS format, so you can easily manage all accounts/passwords, this list is updated each month, so you can be sure that the list is fresh and fonctionnal. Look at this screenshot to seen how the passwords looks like. album passwords


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Imgsrc is a website where you can view, share and post your favorite pics. The site is entierely free but some albums are passwords protected, so you need to have the passwords to access to the albums. This is why I share this list of album passwords.

Imgsrc is a russian website, but there is an english version of the website. You can access to different categories, such as: nature, music, family, painting, travel ...

The site is fast and functional, the community is growing every day. Registration to the site is easy and fast, you just need an email address and voila.

People from around the world gather on this platform.

Some album need a password known by everyone:

EZ: 12345

ZE: 54321


EZE: 123454321

But some others albums needs a private password: There are all in my list ! click the image "download" to access to the complete list of 1200+ passwords!

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Click the link to download the complete list of imgsrc passwords


Imgsrc is a very popular website for sharing the children and teen photos with friends and family. It is also very useful site to store your popular photos. There are many thousands of users already storing and sharing their photos on this website. It is free to join and upload as well as share the photos on this website but it requires your personal data to get registered on this website. This can become very critical in some cases and your personal information and email addresses are normally used for commercial purposes; sometimes, this information may be used for more critical activities on the internet, which may prove to be detrimental for the person who shares his or her personal information on the website while registering on the website for using its services. But you need not worry about that because, imgsrc password are available for you to access, share, download and upload the files or photos that you want to share with your family, friends or the general public.

                 album passwords

Imgsrc pass are normally created with the help of some of the most sophisticated software programs and software tools that break the passwords and the restrictions of the website that are employed by the security team of the website. Imgsrc passwords are very effective and accurate in getting the legitimate access to these resources and carry out your activities that you like, for instance, sharing the photos, downloading the photos, and viewing the files and photos. These imgsrc passwords are the best solution to keep your security and privacy intact and not allowing any kind of risk to catch you on the internet related to the sharing of personal information on public domain or the website domain.

There are hundreds of the software and developer companies that offer these passwords to their visitors for accessing the website without any registration and supplying of personal information on the internet. These imgsrc passwords are very simple and easy to get on the websites that are offering these passwords for free of cost. At the same time you are not required to register here for getting these passwords, these passwords are available for everybody who wants to use them at no charges. You can use them directly putting those imgsrc passwords in the login fields of website. It can happen sometimes that any one of these passwords does not work at one time; you need not worry about that because there are a substantial number of imgsrc passwords is available on these websites and you can choose another one that is okay and you get full access to the resources on the website. These passwords are based on two parts, one is the username part while the other one is the password part. The person who uses these imgsrc passwords should use both of them correctly to get the full access to the resources and features of the website. passwords are secure and private solution for everybody to access the website